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7 Mar
Post By : Admin

7 Quick Lunch Ideas to Turn Your Work Day Around

There are various dishes, fiery spices, flavors, and rich sauces that complete Indian cuisine. Whether you make your own curry, go to your favorite Indian restaurant, or call us for a takeaway, Indian food is the finest option for a complete meal at home.  

So, if you're craving something delicious and wholesome, we've put up a list of the top Indian lunches you should try.  


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Chicken Saag  

Chicken Saag or Palak Chicken is a traditional Indian curry made with chicken, fresh spinach, and spices. What a delicious and nutritious mix! In less than an hour, you can make an intensely delicious, keto-friendly, and gluten-free chicken Saagwala recipe.  A delicious chicken curry with blanched spinach and simple spices. The tender, juicy chicken pieces soak up all of the spinach and spice tastes, and it's absolutely delicious!  


Chicken saag is a finger-licking classic chicken dish that will lift your buffet to the next level.  


Mango Chicken Curry

Mango chicken curry is a delectable Indian curry recipe. Fresh or frozen mangos give just the right amount of sweetness to the curry without adding any sugar.  

This Mango Chicken Curry has a robust flavor that is more sweet than spicy. The "secret" to this delectable curry? Mixing mango into the coconut curry sauce and then adding even more mango to the finished dish!  

When eaten with rice or noodles, it is a delicious lunch option.  


Lamb Chettinad Curry  

This Chettinad Mutton or Lamb Chettinad is a traditional southern Indian stew from India's Chettinad region. Chettinad cuisine is possibly the most well-known in Tamil Nadu. This Chettinad lamb curry is a community classic, made with spices native to the region including fennel, cinnamon, and urad dal.  

 The taste of lamb Chettinad is spicy, rich, and quite comforting.  



Fish Curry  

A trip to India's seashore isn't complete without a scrumptious Fish Curry. Traditionally, fresh-caught fish is cleaned, lightly seasoned, then cooked in clay pots to add exquisite flavors.  

It's a light but flavorful curry in which fish is cooked in a coconut milk broth with aromatics and fresh herbs and served over aromatic basmati rice. An easy supper that is filling!  

This dish is a tasty and gratifying supper for any occasion due to its excellent balance of flavors and textures.  


Goan Fish Curry  

This fish curry uses coconut milk and mustard oil to make it creamy and spicy. Tamarind gives them a tangy tang, and they are fairly spicy.  

The blend of spices and coconut milk complements the subtle sweetness of the fish well. It makes a superb fish curry with great heat and a sour kick.  

It's the ideal recipe for an Indian seafood curry to warm you up!  



Dal Makhani  

Dal Makhani is a classic lentil meal from North Indian Punjabi cuisine cooked with whole black lentils (known as Urad dal or Kaali Dal in Hindi) and kidney beans (known as Rajma in Hindi). Whole spices that are fragrant and aromatic enhance the flavor of this Dal Makhani.  

If you like authentic Punjabi food, you'll love this Dal Makhani even more.  


Methi paneer  

Methi Paneer, one of the best fenugreek leaf dishes, features a nice and sweet gravy of cashew nuts, garlic, and onion, whose taste combines nicely with fenugreek leaves and paneer, giving it a complex yet rich character. The explosion of flavors doesn't stop there; adding milk makes it creamy and adds a nice subtle flavor.  

Try this wonderful Methi paneer with roti, paratha, or naan for a filling meal.  



Indian cuisine is known for its aromatic and delectable spices. Our vibrant array of foods gives a wholesome experience. With their numerous health benefits and authentic taste, Indian foods are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Rich herbs, sauces, and spices are used to flavor Indian cuisine. Mrs. Kumar's is your one-stop destination as part of our ethnic heritage, which is reflected in our culinary offerings.