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10 Aug


From the Himalayas in the north to the sun-drenched southern beaches, India's food reflects the country's rich culture and history. Traditional Indian cuisine is not only delicious but also packed with health advantages. India is where you can sample some of the most flavourful and spicy dishes in the world.


Monroe, New Jersey, is now home to India's wonderful cuisine.


So while you are here, explore and experience India through your taste buds, here are some popular Indian dishes you must try. 




Tandoori Chicken


There is nothing more tantalizing than a tandoori chicken! The mouthwatering marinade coating the poultry and the delicious taste of the smoked poultry are truly wonderful!


Chicken Tikka


Tandoori Chicken Tikka is a popular gastronomical delight from North India, it is a starter made with marinated chicken that is grilled to perfection. This Chicken Tikka Kebab is served with Cilantro chutney, mint chutney, or Rita. 


Chicken 65


Chicken 65 is a scrumptious meal if you adorn to like chicken, Chicken 65 is a spicy Indian non-vegetarian appetizer that is renowned for its crunch, crispness, and delectable taste. A prominent South Indian chicken appetizer, a must-try. 


Shrimp 65


A perfect evening snack, prawn 65 is a deliciously crispy and spicy South Indian starter to taste. 




Veg.Trible Schezwan


An Indo - Chinese combination of noodles and rice cooked with vegetables in spicy Schezwan  sauce. A must-try for sure! 


Peppery chicken 


A great treat to enjoy during monsoon or winters is Peppery Chicken, a delicious, aromatic, hot & spicy  side dish to serve with Roti or Naan.





Paneer Chettinad


Wanna explore regional Indian one of the spiciest cuisine then, Paneer Chettinad is a must-try. Paneer, made from milk, is a favorite among vegetarians, especially among those living in the Indian subcontinent. 


Aloo Gobi 


Indian subcontinent aloo gobi is a vegetarian dish, with a rustic combination of potatoes, cauliflower, and Indian spices. 


Go together like Aloo and Gobi. 


Dal Tadka


Dal Tadka tempered with ghee and spices!  


This dal is made with a blend of three types of healthy lentils -- toor dal, moong dal, and masoor dal.  Creamy, garlicky, and smoky, and it's perfectly spiced. 


The tempering of ginger and mustard seeds blended in at the end takes this dal from delicious to sublime.


Cheese Butter Masala 


It's time to please your taste buds by choosing one of India’s top five food. 


Cheese butter masala cooked with paneer and cheese cubes is a mild creamy tomato-based curry and is one of the top five foods ordered in India. Feel free to add more cheese.


Channa Masala 


An authentic North Indian style curry made with freshly powdered spices, onions,  tomatoes, chickpeas, and herbs. This tasty vegetarian dish is naturally vegan and filled with beneficial minerals, protein, and fiber.




Tilapia Curry 


Tilapia Fish Curry can make your jaw drop.


A fresh, juicy, and flavorful tender Tilapia fillets cooked in a light coconut milk curry sauce are the ideal complement to hot rice.


Goat Vindaloo 


A fantastic fiery red Indian curry cooked in vindaloo sauce along with tender mutton chunks and red chilies, vinegar, spices, and garlic.


A beautiful combo of tang and a sweet hint -all in one! 


Shrimp Curry 


Flavor-filled Shrimp curry cooked with an aromatic coconut curry sauce delectable curry to try. 







Next comes classic samosas. 


Samosas are basically Indian calzones with a crusty exterior that is deep-fried and filled with vegetables such as potatoes, meats, or lentils that are heavily seasoned. 


They are served alongside mint sauce, tamarind sauce, and spicy green sauce. 


Onion Pakora 


These delightedly light, crispy, crunchy delicious tea time snack bites are made with gram, spices, herbs, and loads of onions.


A magical friend you can ever have.



Gopi 65     


A crispy tea time snack recipe made with cauliflower florets and spices is an ideal party starter with a drooling taste.




Paneer 65 


Paneer 65 is a vegetarian variation of the popular South Indian Chicken 65, crispy paneer cubes tossed  with a savory spiced mixture fried to perfection,  a must-have. 


Chicken Lollipop


Most loved Indo-Chinese appetizer, chicken wings are juicy and flavorful inside and crispy outside.





Chicken Chettinadu 


A spicy hot chicken curry from the Chettinad region in Tamil Nadu state in India. Freshly ground (Chettinad masala), which give Chicken Chettinad Curry its flavour, are what makes this dish so delicious.



Chicken Kadai


"Kadai Chicken" features chicken cooked with freshly ground spices. Along with naan or any other Indian bread, this hot curry tastes great.



Chicken Tikka Masala 


Rich and flavorsome chicken swimming in an incredible curry sauce with plain yogurt, tomatoes, and spices is the best when paired with Indian bread or Roti. 





Goat Curry


Goat meat is the best! 



A staple in Southeast Asian cuisine turns out to be a scrumptious and wholesome meal when served with plain rice, chapati, or naan.



Goat Chettinadu 


One of South India's most popular recipes is the delectable Chettinadu Mutton Curry. It is a portion of incredibly delicious and appetizing food that includes a beautiful blend of spices that give the dish its distinctive flavor and taste.



Lamb Curry 


Lamb curry is a simple yet toothsome Indian lamb curry put together with basic pantry, garlic paste, spices, onions, and tomatoes to create an authentic flavor in this tender lamb curry.


Lamb Chettinadu 


A spicy Chettinad cuisine enriched with chopped tomatoes and grated coconut is a real delight! 





Shrimp Tandoori 




Wanna try a healthy and protein-rich Indian meal, then go for a delightful marinated shrimp appetizer.  



You are gonna love it! 


Apollo Fish Fry 



Boneless fillets fried with freshly grounded masala and crushed pepper powder make it an ultimate flavorful dish to try. 


This menu is just the beginning. 


Deeming for delicious Indian food, contact Mrs.Kumar's today to reserve a table for your dining pleasure.