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20 Jan
Post By : Admin

Delicious Varieties Of Dosa You Have To Try At Mrs.Kumar’s

India is a land of diversity and this is reflected in its food as well. There are so many different types of cuisines to choose from, each with its own unique flavors and spices. One of my personal favorites is Chocolate Dosa. 

If you are a food lover and love Indian food, then dosa is definitely something that you must try at Mrs. Kumar's. Here are some of the most popular and best dosa recipes from Mrs. Kumar's Restaurant.

Start your day with these delicious and unique breakfast recipes! 


Ghee Dosa

The Ghee Dosa is believed to be the perfect dosa to make yourself feel more energized and full with its blend of lightness and nutrition. Its soft outer layer is crispier than regular dosas, made with nutritious flour, which provides life-giving nutrients to the body.

Try the ghee dosa if you're looking for a healthy and crispy breakfast!


Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is a popular dish from South India that is made from a crepe-like unleavened pancake filled with a spiced potato filling. The dish is usually served with a chutney or sambar, and it can be made either with or without meat. Masala dosa is a popular breakfast dish, but it can also be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

There's just nothing better than eating this with chutney and a side!


Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa is a very popular South Indian savory dish. It is made in a special way. The crispy and golden dosa, filled with roasted vegetables, onions, and dry chilies, is served with tamarind chutney, and mint chutney on the side along with coconut chutney. 

You can't wait to tuck into this delicious dosa with a side of chutney and a side of side!


Onion Chilli Dosa

This recipe for Onion Chilli Dosa is a spicier version of the basic dosa than the one we use to make in restaurants. A unique taste, the perfect combination of crispy rice, spicy chili, and tangy tomato is what completes this delight. 

Served with a side and chutney- your taste buds are just waiting for more!


Cheese Dosa

The cheese dosa is a popular South Indian dish made with a fermented batter of rice and urad dal (black lentils). The batter is spread on a hot griddle and then cooked until it forms a thin, crispy crepe. Once the crepe is cooked, it is spread with a mixture of grated cheese, chopped onions, and green chilies, and then rolled up.

The cheese dosa is a simple dish, but it is incredibly flavorful and satisfying. If you're looking for a new breakfast or snack option, give the cheese dosa a try!


Chocolate Dosa

A chocolate dosa is a unique twist on the traditional Indian dish. It is made with a thin crepe-like batter that is filled with chocolate and then rolled up. The result is a delicious, chocolatey treat that is perfect for any occasion.

If you are looking for a fun and simple recipe to make for your next party or get-together, then you must try a chocolate dosa!