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6 Jun

10 Interesting Ways To Plan Your Own Food Tour

All You Need to Know About Planning Your Own Food Tour:


If you are a taste trekker who is planning to take a food tour, this blog is going to come in handy. Read on to know more about food tours-how to plan, what to do and expect.


1) What is a Food Tour?


A food tour is a guided tour to explore the local food and beverage scenario. Sometimes, it may encompass hands-on workshops too. Food tours, a raging trend for adventurous foodies in 2021, is an exciting way to sample the local cuisines. One can also get to know the place’s history and culture and how it influenced the feel and taste of the cuisine.


2) Nature:


Every food tour is different. Typically, it is carried out in groups. But small group tours and private family tours are also becoming common. One could explore restaurants and food outlets in a neighborhood by walking or taking a tour by bus. Some food explorers prefer taking a bicycle while others opt for a personal car or cab.


3) Duration:


A food tour typically lasts for not more than 4 hours. While some tour planners take diners on a one-day or few days culinary tour, families love to make it a one day affair (comprising breakfast, lunch and dinner).


4) Cost:


Ideally, food tours will cost a person anywhere between $35-$70. This may vary according to the duration or amenities offered.


5) Food Offered:


Mostly, food tours are inclusive of meals or testing samples that can pretty much satiate your taste buds and hunger. Paying for the food and beverages lies on the diner. If the tour is organized by a travel agency, the details of purchasing food would be clearly stated. If you do not find adequate information, contact the food tour detailer to know which food is a part of the offered package and how much extra expenses need to be incurred.


6) Dress Code:


Most often, food tours encompass a lot of walking. It is, therefore, essential to wear comfortable, layered clothes. Wear walking shoes that facilitate easy movement. Apply a sunscreen before setting out. Do not forget your sunglasses and a hat before you set out on the food tour. 


If you are undertaking a food tour through an agency, check with them regarding the anticipated weather conditions and their tour cancellation policies.


7) Accessories:


You could carry a backpack or a tote for your wallet, mobile and other personal belongings. You could use it to carry home the purchases made during the tour.


8) Age Restrictions:


Sometimes, children can be a part of food tours. But, if it is a completely foot-based, walking food tour, it could turn out to be physically strenuous for young children. Certain beverage tours will, obviously, deny permission to children who have not attained the legal drinking age. If you are taking a food tour via a tour agency, enquire with them regarding their policies and age restrictions.


9) Dietary Instructions:


If you have any food items that you are allergic to or certain dietary preferences, have a detailed conversation with your tour agency even before you book the food tour. While some food tour spots may alter their cuisines or ingredients according to specifications, some may not be able to make necessary changes. But, it is wise to analyze the nature of the food tour and determine whether it will be suitable for you before embarking on it.


10) Tipping the Guide:


In the United States, it is usually a custom to offer a tip of 15-20% of the tour cost to the private tour guide. This also depends on the duration of the tour and the number of food outlets chosen. If it is a public or a group tour, you could tip the guide and the driver with one or two dollars each. Your tour agency could guide you on the appropriate tipping amount if it is an international food tour.


If you are planning your next vacation around food, keep this information in mind. Indulge in the dual bliss of a holiday and great food and cherish the memories created for eternity.