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6 Jun

Mrs. Kumar’s Guide to Making Delicious Biryani

The Keys to Preparing Biryani-the Mrs. Kumar’s Way


Biryani is no longer just a cuisine that makes people drool. It truly, has evolved into an emotion. Biryani can fasten relationships, help combat lethargy, bust stress and enliven depressed states of mood.


Biryani is a food that people have fallen in love with, head over heels. So serving a portion of biryani is serving them delectable memories. A perfect biryani can enslave people forever to your restaurant and culinary skills. So, here’s a glimpse of how we achieve the picture perfect biryani-every time-at Mrs. Kumar’s.


For the uninitiated, biryani is a slow-cooked (mostly) one pot meal, with delicious pieces of meat or vegetables, layered between flavorful Indian spices and long-grained rice (known as Basmati Rice).


When people are assigned the task of cooking a biryani, they tend to get baffled by the ingredients list, slow cooking process and perfect rice consistency. They believe that it is an art that laymen can seldom perfect. Despite adhering to all the biryani by-laws, they fail to achieve the anticipated standards.


This blog will throw light on key issues that need to be followed for preparing a biryani that will cage taste buds and win hearts-and we, at Mrs. Kumar’s, do not have any inhibitions in revealing our culinary secrets.


Try this Biryani recipe at home. And, you will definitely visit us-to thank us for mentoring you in biryani making.