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3 Feb
Post By : Admin

"Tasting India: A Virtual Tour of Regional Cuisines with Mrs. Kumar’s"

There's Indian food everywhere. You can find Indian restaurant everywhere in the world that serves the taste of India. Furthermore, Indian food is warmly welcomed and enjoyed by all. But few people realize that Indian food has additional health benefits than just satisfying your appetite.

Indian food is categorically delicious: its flavors are varied, oscillating between sweet, savory, and spicy; and its textures combine creamy sauces with doughy naan and soft meat and veggies to create the slop of dreams. It's a lovely fusion that's aromatic and elegant without being showy.

Most of us may not have noticed this yet, but it is true, and to learn more, let's delve deep into why should we choose Indian cuisine:


Healthy and Rich in Taste 

Most Indian Cuisine recipes include a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits cooked in various ways to preserve their freshness and nutrition. Many cooking procedures used in other areas of the world deplete the nutrients and other health advantages of these refreshing vegetables and fruits, but this is not the case with Indian food. It allows you to reap their health benefits in a more exciting way than they did in their original form.

People often think of Indian food as hot, spicy, gravy-laden, and heavy food that is good for the taste buds but not for the health. But that is not the truth; in fact, with all of the fresh veggies and authentic spices added to meals, Indian food can be the healthiest diet one can eat.


Indians prefer the sweet over the sour

Much is made of the spice and heat of Indian food, but it's the smart use of sourness that most strikes me. Yogurt or curd is a common ingredient on many menus. While on the Mangalore or Konkan shores in the west, they utilize not just yogurt lemon juice, and vinegar, but also tamarind, mango, and sourness from two fruit trees related to the mangosteen. From one comes powdered kokum (produced from the dried skins of the fruit), while from the other comes a viscous, black, and smoky kachampuli or Coorg vinegar.

Few things beat fried chicken tossed in this tangy local vinegar, or the sourness of a well-fermented lentil batter that gives tang to those crispy pancakes called dosa.


Street food

While rich recipes like chicken korma, creamy with crushed ingredients like cashew, come from royal courts, some of India's best foods come from far more humble places. Every city in India has its own favorite street food, whether it's the crisp, puffed cups of semolina filled with potato, chickpeas, and tamarind called panipuri or the lacy orange sweet fried jalebi, the burrito-like kati rolls of Kolkata, or the stuffed flatbreads called parathas in Old Delhi.

We at Mrs.Kumar’s have a huge range of Indian street food made of different tangy ingredients to bring in the flavorful taste of Indian street food. 


Rich and Diverse

Whatever your preference or taste, you can always discover an Indian cuisine that is particularly tailored for your taste buds. For example, a variety of Indian dishes for healthy eaters, people with food allergies, and those who just want to eat delicious food. Check out our menu and select from a variety of items to suit your tastes.

In addition, we have a huge range of Indian bread made of different ingredients to add to the rich flavor of Indian curries and veggies.


Indian cuisine appears to be quite tasty

The rich aroma and flavor of our Indian cuisine will captivate and surprise you, and they look as delicious. We have professional Indian chefs who cook each dish with care and attention to detail. They understand how to make cuisine appealing, lively, and delectable.

There is more to Indian food and if you might think to explore the delicious and savory Indian Food in Monroe Township, then Mrs. Kumar’s is your only destination that offers the best and authentic Indian Food in Monroe Township, New Jersey. 


About  Mrs.Kumar’s 

We at Mrs.Kumar's bring to you a taste of Indian culture through our rich and selective variety of food.  Our tailored Menu is created to fit all of our customers' plates and will also provide them with a true taste of some of India's most popular regional specialties. We strive to provide authentic North Indian and South Indian cuisine. Our clients are passionate about food, and we took into account their views – how they look for comfort food and the flavors of the best home-cooked meals. So, we've tried to keep our food as simple and delicious as possible.

We have our restaurants in Monroe Township. We are happy to serve the best and the most authentic Indian Food with NO MSG, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS.  

Discover India with Us!

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