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7 Oct
Post By : Admin

Top vegetarian entrees at Mrs. Kumar's in Monroe, New Jersey

Food is much more than nourishment.


It can be an art form, a way of expressing yourself, and even a connection to culture. When you eat delicious food, it is much more than calories going from your kitchen to your mouth — it is about more than just taste.


So eating the right food or choosing the right restaurants is the key. 


You can turn to this blog to pick out some delicious and healthy Indian vegetarian entrees at Mrs.Kumar’s. 


Dal Makhani

Dal MakhaniA classic lentil cuisine from North Indian Punjabi cuisine made with Whole Black Lentils (Urad Dal or Kaali Dal in Hindi) and Kidney Beans (known as Rajma in Hindi).


A rich, creamy dal laden with butter is served with naan, paratha, or some cooked rice.


A delicacy of perfection! 


Dal Tadka

Dal Tadka

Dal Tadka is a rich, savory, and comforting Indian lentil cuisine where cooked spiced lentils are finished with tempered made of ghee/oil and spices. 


Served with butter naan, tandoori roti, steamed basmati, or jeera rice this is a treat for many Indian food lovers.


It has a smoky flavor, which makes it the ideal meal.


Dal Palak

Dal PalakThere is nothing more comforting than a bowl of hot dal palak served with rice, roti, or bhakri. 


Dal Palak is an Indian dish made with spinach, lentils, spices, and herb. This traditional, tasty, protein-rich spinach dal is one of the many ways lentils are enjoyed in India.


Desiring a tasty and nutritious vegan dish? Dal Palak is the best option.


Channa Masala

Channa MasalaAn authentic North Indian curry made with white chickpeas, freshly powered spices, onions, tomatoes, and herbs. Naturally vegan and packed with healthy minerals, proteins, and fiber. This popular vegan and gluten-free Indian meal go well with rice or naan.


This a lip-smacking vegetarian meal that you should definitely try! 


Punjabi Pakora Kadhi

Punjabi Pakora KadhiPunjabi Pakora Kadhi is made with freshly prepared pakodis of besan flavored with coriander and green chilies, and these pakodis are topped with delectable kadhi. 


It is quite flavorful, with a variety of spices that range from fenugreek and coriander seeds to cloves and cinnamon. And pakora is an additional attraction that makes the Kadhi pakora utterly enticing.


Aloo Gobi 

Aloo GobiAloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) is a traditional Indian meal in which potatoes and cauliflower are cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices.


This Aloo Gobi is flavorful, soothing, vegan, and simply the finest aloo gobi you've ever had!


Methi paneer

Methi paneerMethi paneer is a rich, robust curry cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves, and soft paneer cubes in a spiced and tangy onion, tomato, and curd (yogurt) based gravy. Fresh fenugreek leaves give the curry a subtly bitter flavor that harmonizes with the mildly sour and savory flavors of the other ingredients.


This luscious methi paneer goes well with roti, paratha, or naan for a delicious lunch or dinner.


Malai Kofta

Malai KoftaMalai kofta is a popular and delicious north Indian creamy curry cooked with aloo and paneer balls in an onion and tomato sauce. One of the creamiest curry recipes from the north Indian cuisine bucket is laden with malai or cooking cream.


The classic koftas are made of mixed minced meat, which is then either added to any type of rice or any curry sauce base. However, there are some vegetarian or paneer-based options to satiate vegetarian or non-meat diners.


This delicious Malai Kofta will have you salivating! 


Bhindi Masala 

Bhindi MasalaBhindi Masala is a simple but magical fusion of the okra's crisp sweetness and the delectable aroma of fresh spices. It is mildly spicy, hot & full of flavors and is made with okra, whole and ground spices, onions, and tomatoes. 


This stir fry is best enjoyed with warm Rotis. 



Dahi Baingan

Dahi Baingan

Dahi Baingan is a delicious vegetarian dish topped with a Tadka (tempering) of curry leaves, dried red chilies, and panch phoron. And the pan-fried baby eggplants are then layered with alternating layers of Indian spice and whisked yogurt. 


It's a delicious vegetarian main course and a fun way to enjoy eggplant!


These awesome vegetarian dishes will surely amaze you with their taste and flavor. So try out our Delicious Food guide! We've got everything you need right here. 


Enjoy this unique, new and delicious experience every time you go out to eat!